Welcome to the BJCTA Stop Cataloger. This site is dedicated to cataloging all the bus stops of the BJCTA MAX Bus System in Birmingham, AL. And we need your help! If you have a smart phone with GPS, then anytime you see a blue sign post for the MAX Bus, take a picture and upload it here.

If you'd like to help out, but can't get out to ride the bus, check out our new streetview site. With this site, you can ride the bus routes virtually on your computer and capture streetview images.

Many routes have already been completed and are available on our trip planner beta website. This website is constantly being updated as more stops are cataloged!


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What is the BJCTA?

BJCTA stands for Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority. This is the group that runs the public transit bus system (The MAX) in Birmingham, AL. For more information about the BJCTA and public transit in Birmingham, AL, please visit BJCTA's homepage.

What is this site?

This site is dedicated to cataloging all the bus stops in use by the MAX bus system in Birmingham, AL.

Why are you doing this?

The MAX bus system currently doesn't have a route planner. We are working on getting all the stop and route information together so that we can include the MAX system in Google Transit and make use of their route planning. This is currently being done by a group unaffiliated with the BJCTA, and therefore we only have access to the data that the BJCTA makes public. Unfortunately, the BJCTA currently only makes public their route paths, not all their individual stops. To make the system useful on Google Transit, every single bus stop must be cataloged with the GPS location and the route.

Because this is such a huge task, we are asking the community to get involved and help us out. Every stop that you add to this site gets us one step closer to getting the MAX system on Google Transit.

How do I particpate?

Any time you see a blue post for a MAX bus stop, use a GPS enabled smart phone and take a picture of the route sign. Then upload that picture to this site using the uploader. The site will analyze the photo and automatically place it in the correct location on the map. We will then use the route and GPS information from the photo to update our information for Google Transit.

As others add their photos too, the map will populate. This will let you quickly glance at the map and see what areas have been covered by others, and what areas still need to be cataloged.

What phones are supported?

Both Andriod and iPhones have been tested, although it is not possible to directly upload to this site with an iPhone. Before taking pictures, you must verify that Location Services is enabled. On the iPhone, click on Settings->Location Services and verify that Location Services is On AND Camera is On. For Andriod phones, first verify that Location Services is turn on. Then in the Camera App, Press Menu->Press Settings->Make sure "Store Location In Pictures" is checked.

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